Customer FAQ

What is Off Universe?

Off Universe is the website that offers the latest and best discounts for restaurants, sports centers, entertainment centers, shops, hotels and so on up to 90%.

How to be informed about Off Universe products and services daily and regularly?

Just enough to be entered your email address with the name of the city or desired cities in subscribe part of website (see the bottom of the site). Then, through the website an account will be created for you and all Off Universe’s offers will be sent daily to your email.

What is difference among subscription and membership?

Subscription provides the receiving of daily recommended vouchers through email. While, by becoming membership on the website a separate account will be defined for you, which is required to buy an Off Universe voucher.

How should I buy a voucher?

If you have not registered, do membership process and And after selecting the favorite item(s) make online payment. The file from Off Universe will be sent to your email. Print your receipt, which is placed the specified code(s) on it. Now, you can handle easily to receive your purchased product or service. Also, the information of purchased voucher will be visible in “My Orders” in your profile.

How is payment method?

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Why is there a quorum for some of offers?

Some of offers such as recreational tours require having at least people to be formed. This at least will be announced to Off Universe by the vendors. For the other offers, with the purchase of the first voucher, you can enjoy your purchase.

What happens if doesn’t a voucher reach quorum?

If this quorum couldn’t get, based on the terms and conditions of Off Universe, it will be impossible to be restored the paid amount and there will be a replacement. Customer has right to select another services advertised on Off Universe website up to the amount paid, and after coordinating with Off Universe staff will use and enjoy of his/her favorite services.

Why should I ask my friends to purchase by Off Universe?

By offering Off Universe to our friends, we will give them a unique opportunity. Also, we provide a condition to experience using Off Universe’s vouchers and enjoy it with our friends.

How do I suggest Off Universe to my friends?

You can invite them through email, SMS, social networking websites and messengers to take the advantage of a wonderful experience.

I have purchased a voucher from Off Universe, how should use it?

Just printout the file sent to your email, which is also accessible through your account on Off Universe website. Show the specified code(s), which is placed on your voucher, to seller. And by showing the code(s) to seller enjoy of your purchase. If you have purchased the product, please check the shipping details of the product.

Does my purchase include VAT?

Yes, It may the amount you pay includes VAT, which it is paid by the vendor.

Should I use the purchased voucher at the same day?

No, each voucher has the specified time interval as the validity time. It is visible when you buy and on the receipt sent to you.

Can a voucher be purchased as a gift for someone else?

Yes, you can email it directly to your friend or first receive it and then gift to them. If you are interested in purchasing the product as a gift, please mind entering the delivery or receiver address exactly.

What is “Reviews”?

Off Universe considered a part on the website named “Reviews” for leaving the comments or ratings from the purchasers that placed under “Add to Cart” and next to “Description”. The purchasers can leave their comments or ratings about their purchase and receive their replies by Off Universe’s staff. “Reviews” is a good tool for evaluating the services or products of business partners.

What does it mean? “If you want to order more, the more cost needs to be paid by the client “.

It means you can take the services as much as the purchased vouchers. A separate fee is payable in place when you have the request more than the amount of vouchers.

My decision is changed; can the money be returned to me?

For as much as we are the interface between you and our business partner, it is impossible to be restored the money, so please check your final decision before ordering. The purchased products can be returned when the content of product is inconsistent with the ordered item or there is the fault in content, do not accept the defaced packaging. Please study Off Universe’s terms of use as well.

What happens if the time of using a voucher has expired?

Misfortune! If the time of use is expired, the voucher will be unusable and its value is lost, so read completely the Off Universe conditions and note the expiring time of the voucher.

How can put my business on Off Universe?

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I have forgotten my password, what should I do?

To send a new password to your personal email click here.