How Off Universe Work

Off Universe is an e-commerce company, which by the negotiation and partnership with top businesses and using the power of group buying, presents daily the interesting offers of different products and services with discounts up to 90 percent on its website. To take advantage of these exceptional offers is enough to know the following simple steps:

Registration procedures

If you sign up for the first time on Off Universe’s website, after pressing “Sign Up” button on the right corner of the website, enter the page with the following icons:


       On this page, fill out all the fields on this page and finally click “Sign Up“ button.


Then, you will get the “Log In”. After entering your email and password, you will get the Off Universe home.



Buying Process

There are two methods to purchase depending on the type of the offer that requested.

  • Non product offers:

In this method, after entering the website and selecting the intended promotion, press “Add to Cart” and click on “View Cart”, next “Proceed to Checkout” and after selecting the favorite payment method click on “Place Order”.


For changing the quantity of your purchased items in “Your Cart” page, select your favorite number under “Quantity” and then click “Update cart”.


After end of payment process the file of the voucher will be sent to your email.


Also, the information of the purchased voucher will be visible in your “Profile”. Print your voucher and by presenting the customer specified codes to the vendor enjoy your time with Off Universe.


  • Product Offers:

In purchasing these offers, after login to website and intended item press “Add to Cart” if the goods of your choice included the options such as color, size, model, etc., after selecting the cases, re-click “Add to Cart” then press “View Cart”, next click on “Proceed to Checkout” after filling out the shipping address and selecting the favorite payment method click on “Place Order”.

If you buy the goods for someone or when you receive the goods in a place other than the address you have registered on the website, you can enter the new address by clicking in “Ship to a different address” box on the “Checkout” page.


Also, you can change your billing or shipping address by clicking on “Edit” in “Edit Addresses” in “My Profile” page at the top right of the page.



To be sent all our offers daily to your email through Off Universe, after selecting the intended city, enter and subscribe your email address. By checking your email daily, make sure you do not miss our great offers because each offer is only for a limited time on site. When, the special offer drew your attention, check Off Universe website to get more details about the buy. And if you did everything as good as we have tried, purchase by registering on Off Universe website.

untitled00987Off Universe Has Responsive Web Design

Responsive nature of the website provided the better and easier viewing for all lovers of Off Universe website with each device. From now you can have the best image from Off Universe’s website by variety of mobile phones, tablets, PC monitors and laptops.

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       Sharing Off Universe

Off Universe vouchers are usually more enjoyable if become used along with friends. Then, through email, social networking and of course the virtual world of the Internet, let your friends and acquaintances to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity.

       Having Fun with Off Universe

After purchase, you will receive the receipt with buy codes will be sent to your email. The file is also available through your profile on Off Universe website. With regard to the period of validity that inserted on the received voucher, by presenting a printout of the submitted file or showing specific codes, you can enjoy our fantastic offers and prices. So, having fun and take award by sending us the pictures of your happy and beautiful moments with interesting experience acquired by the purchase of Off Universe.