Partner FAQ

Having the good and new customers as the activity that we are every day attracting it in Off Universe, is the dream of every vendor or service provider. We  not only register and present the promotions on Off Universe’s website, but also we inform all the customers, friends and acquaintances about it; in fact by offering your goods or services, you may face to a community of a lot potential customers. On the other hand the customers are interested in recognizing the friends and sellers as well.

There are numerous reasons to work with us:

▪ Convert your low consumption and no client workspace to the high- efficient space.

▪ Advertise your services easy and targeted. We’ll introduce you and make famous.

▪ We’ll introduce and making market for the famous and high quality companies.

▪ The number of customers will be sent from us to you.

▪ Your activity, profitability and cost will be responded by sending by sending number of customers from us to you.

▪ Too many of the customers have been loyal to our services and have done many purchases by Off Universe.

▪ Our service is completely free and at no cost. Off Universe group are providing the best and highest quality services.

▪ Off Universe is a good marketing service for evaluating your services.

▪ By using Web-based survey tools we can inform you the numbers of people have visited your bid or how many of your items are sold.  Therefore, you can be ensured to the quality and price of your services according to the purchased vouchers.

▪ All vouchers have the unique code. So, the customer can only use them once and in this way we will ensure safe service.

▪ You only pay the cost when the customer uses your service.

Partners FAQ:

How much is the cost of advertising?

Nothing!! Off Universe is the system that does not accept any charge initially. You’ll be offering your services and the rest of activities by us. It is our duty to guarantee the success of your product or service sales, because your success is our success. It’s a win-win for you and us.

Why should I give a great discount percentage?

By a great discount percentage the larger number of customers will be interested in your services and they will become the continual buyers in the future. Off Universe absolutely clarifies for you the way of returning the advertisement costs. You will get the customers in exchange for the cost and you don’t pay any cost if there is no customer! So, you have not done ads without calculation and following everything you want. Another positive reason for success is showing your service in one of the most popular websites in Thailand and all Internet users will see and know your services.

What should I do then?

Have a meeting with our colleagues and check the service details together. We will start your campaign as well.

How do the customers purchase?

After shopping through Off Universe website, the customers will receive the relevant voucher. With the help of these vouchers they will refer to where your services are presenting. We’ll explain all the details for you.

How can I get more details about the terms of sale?

Please click here 

I have so many questions!

Doing correspondence with Let us know your questions or uncertainties. We will contact you and answer all your questions.