Terms of Sale

Off Universe Market

Off Universe is a Group Buying Website in Thailand, which registered by Smart Exchange Business Development Company Limited. Off Universe focused on creating and sustaining a phenomenal consumer and Partner experience. This focus for you, our Partners, means that our reciprocal communication is constructed on trust and that our reciprocal actions are consistent with sustaining Off Universe Market. The Off Universe Partner Agreement and Off Universe Policies predetermined here are concentrated on certifying that Off Universe is a fair market. If obscurity arises, Off Universe is obligated to work with our Partners to make clarity. It is our presumption that as a Partner, you will interrelate with the Off Universe Market in good reliance and in a manner that is in keeping with trust and justice. In cases where we trust a Partner is either unintentionally or purposely not acting in a way consistent with this agreement, we will first endeavor to work together to modify the particular subject. We obligate that we will always be accessible to rapidly and proficiently obviate issues to the greatest of our capability, and we also believe that our Partners will behave in the same manner.

Terms and Conditions in the Agreement

The terms and conditions in this Agreement are made between SEBD (Smart Exchange Business Development) Company Limited, which owns and operates OffUniverse.com [hereinafter referred to as “Off Universe”] and the business owner dealing in the sale of goods and/or services [hereinafter referred to as “The Partner(s)”]. Therefore, the Partners must study the details, terms and conditions of the contract as well and after their consent attempt to sign it. Therefore, without the verification and approval of Partners this agreement is invalid.

*Off Universe only advertises the goods or services of the Partners in accordance with received and approved information from them and the Partners are responsible and for all the information contained on the website about their services and goods, and approve the reliability of these information contained.

Off Universe Price Policy

The Partner shall be truthful about the regular prices (initial prices). Regular prices must be real. The Partner is responsible about any inaccuracy in the regular price. In case of Purchaser complaint and the correctness of the claim, all generated sales shall be cancelled and the amount paid for the item will be returned to the Purchaser. Therefore, the Partners must fully comply with the rules relating to the regular prices.

a) Deals on the web site will be started with a minimum 20% discount.

b) Before listing prices, the Partner is obligated to calculate every service charge, Tax, VAT or other fees of the service or product. The vouchers of Off Universe are not included any extra fee. Since, Off Universe accepts only free shipping products the Partner needs to consider and calculate the shipping fee and then advertise sale price.

c) Since, the listed prices will be fixed to the expiry of the voucher; the Partners must be loyal toward all prices that have set on their products or services.

Off Universe Commission Policy

Off Universe commission is calculated based on accepting a percentage of the amount of sold vouchers as the cost of advertising.

* The percentage of the regular price per sold item of services or products. This percentage is calculated according to the amount of the item discount as following:

From 20 to 80 present = 5.5% x regular price x total items bought

From 81 to 89 present = 3.5% x regular price x total items bought

From 90 to 95 percent = 2.5% x regular price x total items bought

Above 95 percent= 1.5% x regular price x total items bought

The Share of Business Partner:

The share of business Partner: (sale price x total items bought)-(sale price x total items bought x VAT 7%)-(Off Universe commission).

When the Partner Gets Paid:

After deducting a percentage of Off Universe commission as the cost of advertising, paid amount will be transferred to the Partner bank account. Therefore, the Partners who have sold any service(s) get paid 7 days after expiring time of voucher and for the Partners who have sold their product(s) 7 days after end of delivery time of the item.

Off Universe Cancellation Policy

If Off Universe receives the request for canceling the item on the specified time interval of sales process from the Partner, all sales process of item will be terminated. If any cancellation become done after the service or product vouchers are sold on the website, according to contract the Partner is responsible to complete whole process of offering service or product delivery. If for any reason the Partner refuses to complete whole process of offering service or product delivery after delivering voucher to Purchaser, total paid amount will be returned to Purchaser and all information of the offer will be removed on the website. Therefore, orders cannot be cancelled if the voucher is delivered, unless there is something mistake with the purchase.

Off Universe Policy for Services

The Partner who sells his/her service(s) through Off Universe can be ready to present the services to the Purchaser(s) from the moment of purchase or any other time. The Partner is responsible for considering the time of presenting of the services to Purchaser(s).

The Partner shall consider a validity time for presenting the services to Purchaser(s) and announce it to Off Universe.

Every Off Universe voucher includes the customer specified codes. When, the Purchaser(s) refers to the Vendor address and delivers these codes at place, the Vendor shall collect these codes and after end of the voucher validity time return to off Universe staff.

After nearing completion time of purchase of an item on the website, the Partner can request Off Universe staff for an extension in the time of purchase.

Some of Partners consider maximum quantity of their services or products to sell. So, the Partner shall announce this maximum quantity to Off Universe staff. The item will be inactive by Off Universe when the vouchers reach this maximum quantity.

The recreational tours require having at least people to be started. Therefore, the Partners shall report this at least to Off Universe. To reach quorum, Off Universe recommends the Partners of travel and tourism to consider a longer time as purchase on the website for the Purchasers. Off Universe supports quorum rule only for the Partners of travel and tourism for the costs such as airplane, bus or other expenditures. This quorum will be visible on the website for the purchaser notice. The Partners of travel and tourism are obligated to consider and arrange departure date of recreational tours minimum two weeks after end of purchase time.

The Partners of hotels and accommodations shall accept all the Purchasers during validity time of the voucher. During time of purchase on the website, Off Universe will send the updated list of Purchaser(s) to the hotels and accommodations to be booked.


 1) The Purchaser: are who buys the service(s) product(s) through Off Universe website.

2) The Partner: is who sells his/her service(s) or product(s) through Off Universe website.

3) The Vendor: is who presents or sells his/her service(s) or product(s) to Off Universe Purchaser(s). The Vendor can be the Partner or become introduced by the Partner.

4) Off Universe: is a Group Buying Website that advertises remarkable discounts on popular  local services,goods and cultural events.

Off Universe Policy for Products

1. Shipping and Delivery Process:

The Partner who sells his/her product(s) through Off Universe is obligated to ship the product(s) consistent with the type and time of delivery contained on the website (the type and time of delivery is determined by the Partner).  The Partner needs to consider the time of shipping after end of purchase time on the website. The shipping addresses of the Purchasers will be sent to the Partner maximum 2 days after end of purchase time on the website. The Partner shall send the track numbers of Purchasers shipping addresses to Off Universe.

a) Order Shipped On Time Measure

▪ The items have a first scan by the shipping carrier 24 hours after the expected ship date (as determined by the order processing time and operating days set by the Partner).

b) Order Delivered On Time Level

▪ This measure is a sign of overall delivery promise performance.

*The shipping addresses of the Purchasers will be sent to the Partner maximum 2 days after end of purchase time on the website.

*The Partner shall send to Off Universe the track numbers of Purchasers shipping addresses maximum 2 days after end of delivery time.

c) Order Processing Time

▪ This measure is described as the time to procedure and accomplish the order (pick/pack/ship).

▪ The typical Partner will accomplish the same day or within 1 business day.

▪ This assessment is defined by the Partner to select appropriate service levels for accomplishment processing time.

▪ If Off Universe determines that the Partner has significantly exceeded the accomplishment processing time and has not yet shipped the complete order, Off Universe reserves the right to cancel the order on the Partner’s behalf.

d) Order Processing to Delivery Time

▪ This measure is described as the time from completion of order processing (shipment) to delivery of order.

▪ The typical Partner will be able to deliver the package in 1 to 5 business days (2 days for routine necessaries) from the time of shipment depending on ship distance.

▪ This assessment is determined by the Partner to select the suitable shipping service levels or shipping methods that can meet this promise.

e) Partner Order Defect Level

▪ This measure is described as part of orders that have a defect owing to the Partner (e.g. wrong item shipped, or poorly packed damaged items, etc.)

Off Universe will work with our Partners to set reasonable fulfillment expectations for specialized products such as large or heavy items that may require longer time to deliver.


a) Shipping Definitions and Tracking Requirements

▪ Off Universe describes an order as ‘shipped’ when it has been delivered to the shipping carrier or provider and is on the way to the Purchaser.

▪ Off Universe expects all Partners to work with dependable providers that are able to provide detailed carrier information and a credible package tracking number at the time of shipment. For a tracking number to be credible, it must be documented on the carrier website at the time of shipment and provide precise information during shipment.

c) Packaging Guidelines

Off Universe expects all Partners to maintain high quality standards regarding how products are packed and delivered. Items should be placed in correctly sized packages and packed in such a way to avoid damage.

3.Partner Order Defect Level (Explanation)

Off Universe identifies that selected order defects may be owing to the fault of the Partner or the shipping carrier. Off Universe will take these into consideration when evaluating the order defect rate.

In general, Off Universe will ascribe the following types of order defects to the Partner:

▪ Damaged, defective or broken items

▪ Defaced packaging

▪ Missing or wrong items

▪ Late or lost shipments

Continuing infringement of the Off Universe Accomplishment Policy may result in Off Universe canceling the concession to list on the Off Universe Market.

Off Universe Returns Policy

1.Off Universe Returns Policy

Off Universe strives to take the bother out of returns for both Partners and Purchaser. We offer our Purchasers a consistent returns policy across all of our Partners, where Purchaser services team of the Off Universe controls the Purchaser interactions and servicing such as returns and refund payments. It is expected that Partners reflect their existing return shipping cost policy. Off Universe will pursue and track the return shipments. If Off Universe has assumed that the partner’s error (or partner agent’s error) was the reason for a return (e.g., you shipped an incorrect item to an Off Universe Purchaser or an item was damaged/defective), regardless of the normal return shipping cost policy, the Partner will be responsible for return shipping costs.

2.Off Universe Partner Return Policy

In the case of the following, the Purchasers can request to return the item(s) shipped from the Partner:

▪ Damaged, defective, incorrect or broken items.

▪ Missing or wrong items

▪ Missing parts/Incomplete accessories

▪ Late or lost shipments

▪ Incorrectly shipped

a) The Partner shall be responsible to accept all costs of returning, replacing and shipping back of the item(s).

b) After receiving returned item(s), the Partner shall ship back the replaced item(s) within 2 business days.

c) The Partner shall ship back the item to the previous delivery address of the Purchaser.

d) If the Purchaser refuses a replacement and insists the refund for the purchased item, the Off Universe is obligated to return the paid amount to the Purchaser.

e) If the Purchaser refuses a late or lost shipment and insists the refund for the purchased item, the Off Universe is obligated to return the paid amount to the Purchaser.

3.Purchaser Return and Refund Policy

Returned items from the Purchasers must meet the following requirements:

▪ The item is not on the list of Non-Returnable Products and Product Categories.

▪ The item must still be new, in the original packaging and with the original tags still attached.

▪ Damaged, defective and incorrect items delivered to Off Universe Purchasers.

The Purchasers must request and follow the returns process only through Off Universe and if there is the request related to return items, the Partner will be informed only by Off Universe.

4.Non-Returnable Products and Product Categories

▪ Change of mind

▪ Some health and personal care items.

▪ The clothes cannot be returned for hygienic reasons such as swimwear and underwear.

▪ Items not within the warranty period.

▪ Replace with another item or the same item with different description.

▪ Defect due to Purchasers misuse, willful damage, unauthorized repair or tampering.

▪ Wrong item returned from the Purchaser.

▪ Concerns not reported within 5 days.


For any item(s) that needs to be replaced, the Partner will receive a return notification requesting from Off Universe. The replaced product(s) must be included every conditions of purchased product.

a) If the Partner refuses a replacement of the product within determined time, Off Universe is obligated to refund the total paid amount to the Purchaser.

b) When the Partner is not able to provide a replacement of the same item, if agreed by both Partner and Purchaser, Off Universe could be agreed with replacing another item with the same price.

c) After receiving returned item(s), the Partner shall replace and ship back the item(s) within 2 business days.

d) In case of refusing the Purchaser for a replacement and importuning the refund of purchased item, Off Universe is compelled to return the paid amount to the Purchaser.

Returns Processing Time

▪ Off Universe shall inform and coordinate with the Partner about a return order, after receiving returned item(s), the Partner shall ship back the replaced item(s) within 2 business days.

Other Cases of Off Universe Policy

1) Until the expiry of the contract, the partners are not authorized to use advertising material, which made available by Off Universe, on the other websites or other ways.

2) Through links or advertisements provided by Off Universe, the partner shall not purchase any product to resale or commercial use of any type. Likewise, to resale or commercial use of any type, the partner shall not apply or encourage any friend, relatives, or associates to purchase any product through links or advertisements provided by Off Universe. The breech of this case shall allow Off Universe to terminate any cooperation with the partner and cancel all created deals.

3)  Partners who sell their services/products through Off Universe are obligated to present the services/products to Purchasers in accordance with the information contained on the website.

4) The Purchasers after the purchase have right to do the coordination with the Partner for receiving the service(s) or product(s).

Prohibited items

Off Universe prohibited and doesn’t accept the items such as following list:

Anything illegal, alcoholic beverages, animals, automobiles, currency, coins, cash equivalents, and gift cards, drugs or other controlled substances, explosives, hazardous or dangerous chemicals , guns (gun parts and ammunition), many medical goods, real property and real estate, stocks and other securities, tobacco or products that contain tobacco (or any other product containing nicotine), Weapons (such as unauthorized knives, switchblades and etc.).

Disclaimer of Liability

Off Universe shall not be accountable and disproves all liabilities for any recompense, liability, damage, personal disservice or every inconvenience which probably undergone by the Partner or any third party (including your company). Also, Off Universe is not responsible for the delays, faults, inexactitude, or any act in price information.


Any confidential information shall be retained by the Partner, the information about terms and conditions, sale characteristics and appraisal materials that are completed by the partner and Off Universe.


Since the terms and conditions of website are applicable to you, Off Universe may modify or terminate these terms and conditions without notice at any time for nonconformity of the cases such as the provisions relating to copyrights and trademarks, indemnification and the reasons such as disclaimer, claims, limitation of liability, applicable laws, arbitration and general.


The Partner assents to indemnify and compensate and not withhold Off Universe for any claim or demand, including the fees of sensible attorneys, for all losses, damages, expenses and costs ensuing from any infringement of these terms and conditions. Moreover, after purchasing the voucher, a percentage of the paid amount will be deducted by the bank as commission and it is non-refundable. Therefore, after delivering the voucher to the Purchaser if for any reason the Partner refuses to complete whole process of offering service or product delivery, he/she is obligated to pay this amount to Off Universe.

Final Provisions

Every pertaining terms and conditions, policies and notifications shall be directed by and interpreted consistent with the laws of Thailand out of giving consequence to any principles of law contradiction. With regard to any disputes ascending relating to the website, or any related terms and conditions, policies and announcements or any associated matter; the Partner hereto assents to the exclusive jurisdiction of the High Court of Thailand. Without giving result to any international and contractual laws on the International Sale of Goods, this contract shall be ruled by the law of Thailand. For any arguments ascending from the contractual relationship, Thailand/Bangkok shall be only place of jurisdiction, which also applies to international issues.

Comments or Questions

Please contact us if you have any comments, questions or concerns ascending from the website, the privacy policy or any other related terms and conditions, policies and notifications.

In case of any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Off Universe Team at the following address:


Contact number: 03-317-1770