Terms of Use

Smart Exchange Business Development Company Limited, owns and operates OffUniverse.com (hereinafter referred to as “Site” or “Off Universe”) to support E-commerce.  All users who want to register as a member and buy through this website shall study terms and conditions of this agreement completely. So, registering or purchasing through this website is as studying and accepting of the conditions of purchase and membership and relevant laws and regulations.


The Site is available to users above the age of 18. Users are permitted only one active account. For registration trough the Site, users will require to provide their personal information correct, complete and up to date. The users are responsible for any information that is untrue, inaccurate, or incomplete, and Off Universe has the right to suspend or terminate this kind of accounts and refuse future use of their services. The users shall maintain their username and password and if they forget it, apply for re-registration and obtain a new one. The users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account and password, also accepting all responsible for activities that occur under their account.

Change of Decision

For as much as we are the interface between you and your business partner, it is impossible to be restored the money, so please check your final decision before ordering. Only, the purchased products can be returned when the content of product is inconsistent with the ordered item or there is the fault in content. Do not accept the defaced packaging.

Purchaser Return and Refund Policy

Returned items from the Purchasers must meet the following requirements:

▪ The item is not on the list of Non-Returnable Products and Product Categories.

▪ The item must still be new, in the original packaging and with the original tags still attached.

▪ Damaged, defective and incorrect items delivered to Off Universe Purchasers.

The Purchasers must request and follow the returns and replacement process only through Off Universe and if there is the request related to return items, the Partner will be informed only by Off Universe.

Non-Returnable Products and Product Categories:

▪ Concerns not reported within 5 days.

▪ Change of mind

▪ Some health and personal care items.

▪ The clothes cannot be returned for hygienic reasons such as swimwear and underwear.

▪ Items not within the warranty period.

▪ Replace with another item or the same item with different description.

▪ Defect due to Purchasers misuse, willful damage, unauthorized repair or tampering.

▪ Wrong item returned from the Purchaser.


Some of promotions such as recreational tours of travel agencies require having at least people to be formed. If this quorum couldn’t get, based on the terms and conditions of Off Universe, it will be impossible to be restored the paid amount and there will be a replacement. Customer has right to select another services advertised on Off Universe website up to the amount paid, and after coordinating with Off Universe staff will use and enjoy of his/her favorite services.


After doing each purchase from Off universe, the buyer will receive the voucher containing the specified codes. The purchaser must print out the voucher and after presenting the specified codes to the vendor, uses the services. Therefore, the purchaser is responsible for keeping the purchased voucher(s).

Voucher Validity

There is an expiration time on the each voucher. When, the time of using a voucher become expired, the voucher will be unusable and its value is lost; Therefore, the buyer will has no right to object.

Reviews and User Submissions

Off Universe is not responsible for the comments and materials submitted to the public areas of the Site by the users. But, the user should not leave the comment on the Site (discussion forum or any other part of the Site) or make the actions to violate the rights of other users and to be followed with the criminal action. Also the users of this Site should not leave the comment about the religious and political matters. If the user doesn’t note and observe this clause, immediately will be expelled from the Site and will have no right for any commercial operation through this Site.

Disclaimer of Liability

Off Universe shall not be accountable and disproves all liabilities for any recompense, liability, damage, personal disservice or every inconvenience which may undergone by you or any third party. Also, Off Universe is not responsible for the delays, faults, inexactitude, or any act in price information done by the business partners.

General clauses

▪ If Off Universe found that the action is deliberately done in a dishonest manner by the user that can make the damage, it preserves this right to cancel the membership of the Site’s user immediately without any notification.

▪ Off Universe has no responsibility for the content of business partners’ advertisings such as prices, promotions, products, services or other materials are affiliate to business partners.

▪ For periodic maintenances the Site will be temporarily unavailable and the user will not have the right to protest.

Comments or Questions

Please contact us if you have any comments, questions or concerns ascending from the website, the privacy policy or any other related terms and conditions, policies and notifications or the manner which we are conducting your personal information.